I’ve just sent off my newsletter story to the editor! It was supposed to be a short story of about 5k words, but it grew into a huge novella of almost 25k…

Anyway, I enjoyed writing it and I hope you will enjoy reading it, dear reader. It’s set a few weeks after the events at the end of Foundling and covers how Peri decided what to name her baby dragon. I also ended up introducing some new characters that will appear in DGoM B2 as well as some interesting teasers for future events 😉 

It will be available as a free newsletter-exclusive novella to my mailing list subscribers. So if you haven’t done so already, do sign up to my mailing list to download it when it becomes available.


What I’ve been watching:

Gone with the Wind | I’ve just finished re-watching Gone with the Wind (yes, that movie from 1939 that’s about 4+ hrs long). It’s still good, with lovely technicolor landscapes. I wish there were a sequel that describes Scarlett and Rhett ending up together again. The one that I’ve heard of isn’t very highly recommended so I’m hesitating to give it a read.


Mandalorian | Very good series both for entertainment and to analyze story structure. I think S1 is like the first half of a book and S2 is the second half. I love the trope of a grumpy guy (Mandalorian) with a cute cinnamon roll (Baby Yoda).


Korean Odyssey | I love stories with fox spirits, be it the korean gumiho or japanese kitsune. I found parts of this series to be quite scary, but the horror wasn’t too much and the romance was touching. I liked the twist on the journey to the west, the tsundere ML (male lead) and also the Demon King’s arrogant and vain personality.


That’s all for now. I’m off to finish plotting B2 of DGoM.

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