Garden Grimoire: A Witch for All Seasons Book 1



A Witch for All Seasons Book 1

A magical mansion. A missing grimoire. An irresistible murder mystery.

When Tempest Joy’s car careens off the road and she finds herself rescued by a broomstick-riding witch, she’s convinced she’s headed straight for the loony bin.

Little does she know, the real adventure is just beginning.

Not only does she discover she’s a witch with a sassy cat familiar, but she stumbles upon the lifeless body of her Aunt Violet Atherington, the very person she was en route to visit.

As incriminating magical traces point to Temmie, she becomes the prime suspect in the murder. Determined to clear her name, she plunges headfirst into a daunting investigation, much to the chagrin of Jack Kalahari, the handsome yet gruff magical investigator overseeing the case.

However, Temmie’s magical ability remains a mystery, as does the elusive grimoire she’s alleged to have stolen. Adding to the chaos, her late aunt’s bewitched mansion suddenly claims her as its new owner.

Meanwhile, the real murderer remains at large, with a chilling interest in Temmie as their potential next victim.

Can Temmie unlock her magical talents in time to save herself? And more importantly, will she figure out how to tame her new, unruly house?

Haunted Harvest: A Witch for All Seasons Book 2


A Witch for All Seasons Book 2

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