Dragon Guardians of Magic

A dragon rider epic fantasy

Foundling: Dragon Guardians of Magic Book 1


Dragon Guardians of Magic Book 1

A secret dragon egg. An orphan desperate to save her home. A magical bond like no other.

Mater, the town where Peri grew up in, is dying. The only chance it has lies is a visiting railway magnate who might invest in building a station there. Eager to please, Peri and her orphan sisters fall over themselves to accommodate his visit, only for their hopes to turn to ashes when he discovers a rare mineral that convinces him their entire temple and its mountain must go.

Desperate to stop him, Peri sets out to hide all trace of the crystals… and ends up stumbling across the last thing she could ever expected to find:

A dragon egg that seems to call to her alone.

Magic and dragons have long been fading from the world. And Peri can’t just stand aside and let the precious egg be used for profit. Together with Roy, the handsome heir of Sterling Rails, she goes on the run to seek sanctuary at the Golden Temple in their capital city.

But the egg’s magic is no longer secret, and as it happens, neither are Peri’s magical abilities, which are slowly beginning to surface. Their magic draws strange enemies out from Kalin’s underworld, and sets in motion a sinister plot that could throw their kingdom into chaos.

Can Peri save her kingdom before it’s too late? And more importantly… does she have what it takes to hatch a dragon?

Foundling is book one of a fast-paced epic fantasy series that’s perfect for fans of Eragon and Anne McCaffrey’s Dragon Riders of Pern!

The Thief and the Dragon

The Thief & The Dragon

Dragon Guardians of Magic Novella 1.5

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As the first person to hatch a dragon egg in almost a thousand years and a budding magic-user, Peri knows she has her work cut out for her.

What she doesn’t expect though, is for her and her dragon to become prime suspects in a series of thefts at Kalin Castle.

Peri doesn’t want to believe her mischievous dragon’s to blame. But when Lord Jorran Grayhawk—self-proclaimed best mage in the kingdom—is summoned to compete with her for the right to raise the dragon, she’s forced to prove her worth… or risk losing her dragon.

The Thief and the Dragon is a 25,000 novella set in the Dragon Guardians of Magic universe.

Elven Quest: Dragon Guardians of Magic Book 2

Elven Quest

Dragon Guardians of Magic Book 2

After rescuing a dragon egg and saving her king, Peri finds herself saddled with a mischievous baby dragon, and the center of attention in a nation in turmoil over the rise of magic.

When an elven delegation from Thelanore is attacked en route to Kalin and the magical gift they brought for her dragon is scattered throughout the kingdom, King Thadeus assigns Peri a secret mission—retrieve the shattered dragonstone before its unstable magic throws Kalin further into chaos.

Peri knows little about magic and less about dragons. But if she doesn’t learn fast, the dragonstone fragments may just be the last straw that burns her kingdom to the ground.

Dragon Knight: Dragon Guardians of Magic Book 3

Dragon Knight

Dragon Guardians of Magic Book 3

Peri and Wild have saved their kingdom, but at what price?

The last thing Peri intended to do was to save Kalin only to hand it over to the elves. But when Prince Elsinor invades her kingdom and whisks her baby dragon to Thelanore, Peri is powerless to stop him. She can’t do magic without her dragon, after all… or can she?

Meanwhile, Roy’s left to pick up the pieces after Peri and Wild’s disappearance. All signs point to peace and prosperity between the elven and human kingdoms, but his gut tells him otherwise.

When his heart leads him to Thelanore in search of Peri, he awakens a magical heritage he never knew he had, and ends up walking a path that will mold him into becoming one of the elven nation’s greatest fighters—a dragonknight.

Peri and Roy are getting closer to the truth behind the dragons’ disappearance, and discovering powers they never expected to have.

But the price of knowledge and power is high, and what they reveal could jeopardize more than their lives—the fate of the entire magical world may be at stake.